Free Programming Learning Sites

Here at Caritech we’re always looking at ways to improve and make things better. We’ve learned life is about, well, learning!
And we thought we’d share some of the sites we’ve found which you can use to learn programming for FREE.
In a world of commercialisation and businesses trying to charge you for every little thing, it amazes me that so much of software and programming has remained open source and available to the public for FREE!
So take advantage of all of this knowledge and power before you now – learn programming at your own pace and style.
If you’d like a more guided approach, you can always contact us here at Caritech and join in one of our programming or technology classes.
Of course our list is not the full list and if you feel we’ve missed out some, do let us know!
Please note that some apps are only available on iOS.

Here is our list of sites and apps where you can learn coding for free:
● Grasshopper
● Code Avengers
● Mimo
● Geeksforgeeks
● Khan Academy
● Alison Online Courses
● Programming Hero (kid-friendly)
● Encode
● Coursera
● Tynker (kid-friendly)
● Codeliber
● W3schools
● Exercism
● MITOpenCourseWare
● Free Code Camp
● edX
● The Odin Project

Code learning gamified and kid-friendly
● Cyber Dojo
● imagiLabs AB (kid-friendly)
● CodeSpark Academy (kid-friendly)
● Hopscotch Programming (kid-friendly)
● Lightbot Code hour (kid-friendly)
● Kodable (kid-friendly)
● Flexbox Froggy

And just when you thought we’d run out, here’s some more!
● CS50 by Harvard University
● Sololearn
● Leetcode
● U of Helsinki Mooc
● College Compendium
● Kaggle
● TeachYourselfCS
● Codingame
● Hacker Rank
● LearnXInYMinutes
● App Academy
● Code Camp
● Code Wars

And here are some great Youtube Channels that teach Programming:
● The Coding Train
● FreeCodeCamp
● Fireship

We hope you enjoyed our simple list. We will look to link it all up later for your ease, but for now happy learning with Caritech!

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