March 07, 2022
Teong Leng Keong

Jelutong Seong Tay Kong was established in 1974. Initially it was named as ‘Qiu She Tuah’, located at the junction between Magazine Street and Gladstone Road. Teong Tuah Guan Sui started to offer consultation sessions. Two years later, Pak Kek Hean Tian Seong Tay started to offer consultations for medical treatment and disaster relief to help the public.

Due to the impact of urban development in Georgetown, the temple was forced to relocate to Jelutong on 30th February 1985 (14th day of 12th month lunar calendar), and renamed as ‘Teong Leng Keong’.

In 1997, as told by Pak Kek Hean Tian Seong Tay, the temple committee went to China, Guang Dong Province, ‘Yuan San Shi’ (a temple over 800 years old), and brought back the incense of Hean Tian Seong Tay, to strengthen the temple’s power. From then on, the temple changed to be named as ‘Hean Boo Suah Teong Leng Keong’.

On 11th July 2001, the temple was officially registered and recognized as a religious organization under the name ‘Persatuan Penganut Dewa Seong Tay Kong’.