March 02, 2022

An Overview

Asiabina Holdings Sdn Bhd and group of companies was established in Malaysia since 1990 and based in Northern Malaysia. Asiabina group of companies is principally involved in shopping complex, housing / property development, hospitality, plantation and death care (memorial park) business.

Over the year since her establishment, Asiabina Holdings Sdn Bhd has transformed herself into one that is now gearing towards becoming a renowned development and construction company in Northern Malaysia. To date, Asiabina Holdings Group of Companies with a paid up capital of more than RM10 million, has completed over 6,000 unites of mixed development and infrastructure projects, which include road and drainage works, earthworks as well as bridge construction in various parts of Northern Malaysia namely, Kedah, Perak and Penang.

The company is led by Dato’ Yong Chai Seng who adopts the Consultative leadership and Laissez-faire approach in managing the operations of the company. He is backend by a highly motivated professional management and technical team. The company’s emphasis on workforce professionalism at all levels has resulted in the ability of the company to complete all their projects within the stipulated schedule while maintaining the highest standard of quality.