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Your Very Own International Platform

Why do you need your own website?

So people around the world can discover you and what you have to offer!

Here at Caritech, we provide you with everything you need to get started. On the right, you can choose the type of secure hosting that you'd like your web platform to live in.

For more options or to speak with one of our representatives, drop us a line through our Contact Us page!

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Our Strength

Software Development Outsourcing

Looking for someone to write software for you, but don't want the hassle of hiring your own programmers? We've got you covered!

We have expertly trained software engineers capable of working with you and helping out on all your fun projects.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We provide SEO services for websites that we have designed, or clients who request for SEO services from us. By providing SEO for a website, we can ensure that the website will be found by major search engines, such as Google and Bing, and also it will help to boost the website's placing in the search engine. A website with good SEO will stand a better chance at being found by a search engine, and thus will be ranked higher in the search results, i.e. first page of search results.

The power of SEO will help to improve your site's ranking and boost the number of visitors to your website, as people typically just take a look at the first page, and if the results they want do not appear, they will most likely try another search term, instead of going to the second page.


Want your very own web store? We can provide. Your e-commerce platform will come with all the necessary features (e.g. shopping cart, sales order tracking), along with administrative powers to manage all the content of the website and process orders.

We can also perform SEO for your e-commerce store and provide consultation on how to run a web store, such as shipping and payment processing.

Website Design

We have experience in designing websites for a multitude of industries and many types of businesses.

We start by crafting some nice designs for your website to let you choose the one you like. We will start work on the website setup once you've chosen the one you like. Once the website is complete, we will guide you how to use it, and show you how to update your website's content to suit your liking.

Human Resource Management System

A Human Resource Management System, or HRMS, is a system built to serve all HR needs and is now used by many companies across Malaysia. It comes with payroll, e-leave, claims, timesheet, reports, performance appraisal and more.

Performance Appraisal System

Our appraisal system is a customized web-based performance appraisal system requested by Agilent. Performance appraisals are performed in many different ways, so let us know how you run yours and we'll cater it to your organisation's needs!

With a web-based system, employees and managers can access the system any time, anywhere, as long there is an internet connection.

No matter how big or small, we're always happy to talk about a new development project!

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