Amazon Invests $6 billion in Malaysia to Establish Infrastructure Zone

In a video address, Anwar Ibrahim stated that Amazon Web Services' investment will help advance the vision of a prosperous Malaysia.

On 2nd March, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced that Malaysia has been chosen as the preferred infrastructure zone for Southeast Asia. By 2037, AWS will invest a total of $6 billion (approximately RM25.5 billion) to establish data centers, making it the largest single data center investment in the country and three times the size of the domestic data center market.

This investment is expected to provide more options for local developers, startups, entrepreneurs, enterprises, governments, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations to manage their applications through the infrastructure zone located in Malaysia, and to provide services to end-users.

In a video address at the AWS Cloud Computing Day event, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim stated that AWS has committed to the largest international technology investment in the country, which will help advance the vision of a prosperous and sustainable Malaysia, promoting high skills, innovation, and economic growth.

He mentioned that with the world-class AWS infrastructure, advanced technology, and cloud skills program brought by the authorities to the country, local businesses will have opportunities to create high-skilled jobs and achieve long-term economic growth.

“Today’s announcement by AWS supports Malaysia’s position as a leader in the global digital economy. We look forward to deepening our cooperation with AWS and advancing the country’s cloud-first ambition,” he added.

AWS supports Malaysia’s digital transformation and provides the highest level of cloud infrastructure

According to the Vice President of AWS Infrastructure Services, Bharath, AWS will provide the highest level of secure and reliable cloud infrastructure to support Malaysia’s digital transformation.

He stated that the company is committed to meeting the huge and rapidly growing demand for cloud services in Southeast Asia. They will create job opportunities and provide skill training and education opportunities for the communities surrounding the AWS infrastructure zone.

He mentioned that the plan will cover three availability zones, and with today’s announcement, AWS plans to launch 15 more availability zones and five additional AWS regions, including in Canada, New Zealand, and Thailand.

These plans will enable their customers to store data securely in Malaysia, reducing latency time, and meeting the demand for cloud services in Southeast Asia.

AWS’s service portfolio includes analytics, computing, databases, the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, mobile services, storage, and other cloud technologies.

Currently, AWS provides over 200 fully functional services through global data centers and has millions of customers worldwide. The company opened its first office in Malaysia in 2016 and received government conditional approval in 2021 to construct a hyperscale data center

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